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With the created the illusion of vision, the artists below have combined both techniques draw a surreal beauty and virtuosity made a connection between the painting and the human body. Here is the strange thing happens to the body when you sit on The exotic plant species "cosplay" human body parts "The extraordinary Summit Super" with body parts unprecedented long only leaving a few unsuspecting bought secondhand socks Fortune saw the animals froze Jav streaming between snow, the man brought back and the magic happens
Contemporary artists are always trying to explore new challenges in art creation, should also understand that many of them look up to these unique drawing method is not used on the conventional drawing materials. Since the year 1960, painters increasingly tend to make use of the human body do the main means of transmission.

Of course, the old days drawing up her appearance has long since as a culture in many minority peoples around the world. Also today, body art (Body art) includes many different categories: tattoos, advice, changing parts on the body, and form are for the most eye-paint on bare body.

1. Liu Bolin

If recognize human body hidden in the picture you have is essential eye berries the walls-Photo 1.
Liu Bolin has the nickname "the invisible Man" because of their often hidden in the wall.

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Artist Liu Bolin from China, nicknamed the "Invisible Man" has himself into animals or objects mingle in the scenery.

2. Alexa Meade

If recognize human body hidden in the picture you have is essential eye berries the walls-Photo 2.
Sure many will argue that this is just a cartoon, but the fact the girl in this photo is ... the truth.

While other artists fused 3D object on a flat surface, then Alexa Meade from the US do otherwise. She used acrylic paints to color up the portrait painted on the human body, making them seem as paintings when was taken back on film.

If recognize human body hidden in the picture you have is essential eye berries the walls-Photo 3.
Only the painting onto the human body makes her new freedom-fantasias art.

Meade: "I think the reason I'm not interested in traditional drawing style is because when I draw, so I never liked that at all. I carefully counted and the perfect Marxist should usually do complicated turns up and then seeing that discouraged, is not experiencing the fun ".

Also with regard to drawing up a 3D object to look like 2D, she said that it "freeing a portion of my brain and I can freely adapted."


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