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The Tartar was formed from calcium carbonate and phosphate with the main material is residue, scrap of food. Debris and plaque are not food hygiene form inside the oral cavity long on will cause the Tartar.

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Tartar caused not only the aesthetic reduction for smile that it was potentially the risk of oral disease such as gingivitis, cavities, periodontal inflammation ... If Tartar is not regularly troubling will cause other diseases more dangerous as oral gum drop, exposing the teeth or bad feet for wobbly teeth lead to atrophy, bone, tooth abscess ...

You can totally DIY cleaning Tartar at medium efficiency both saving costs with inexpensive materials easier to make as follows:


Beautiful, healthy teeth to less plaque, you need to limit the harmful beverages such as coffee, soda water ... food too hot or too cold will cause damage tooth enamel, reducing the bright whiteness of teeth.

The time of brushing twice a day is the best light and dark, brush teeth well-prepared, gargle with warm salt water to finally return to the teeth are clean and protected from plaque.


The materials needed are:

-Brown sugar

-Warm water

-Sea salt cleanse


-For 1 teaspoon sea salt crystals into half a cup of warm water

-Stir to dissolve salt in water

Made gargle to Tartar


Step 1: Rinse with warm water for about 30 seconds to soften the plaque and destroying part of the bacteria in the oral cavity.

Step 2: shut up, half a teaspoon of brown sugar in the mouth for 15 minutes, while the memory used up its tongue pushed part way for covering most of the teeth, brown sugar as a raw material, scrubs, pushing plaque off teeth.

Step 3: Rinse a clean mouth and brushing back well-prepared with brushing

Step 4: Use warm salt water rinse for final effective bactericidal for the entire oral cavity and helps make teeth.

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