Keywords Jav Massage are 12 years of rule 100

Bikinis, miniskirts...... Effect of typical representative of each time, until today.
Hand and clothes with Japan Sex the standard of your hand is the thermal expansion of loe / Stripes level - from the clothing of the classic symbols of seaman

Keywords are 12 years of rule 100
1900s: corset

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(Edwardian period under the rule of King Edward Sis), corset phom built the shape of the body is considered to be a miracle impact. Any girl wardrobe has a corset so tight around the waist, the body produces hourglass corset never before. It has been an inspiration to today's swamp type. At the end of last year, corset outside clothes often strongly rising streets.

Keywords are 12 years of rule 100
1910s: hobble skirt

Hobble dress skirt beam leg is a woman's love although 1910 mobile is very difficult. This is money tight clothes from one day to the next.
Keywords are 12 years of rule 100

1920s: skirt plate
Q Q is a low waist ring baffle level croup. The marsh slit width, see sewing clothes usually arrange cup feet or idle. The skirt was born in the Gilded Age America twenties (20s roar scream). Those girls indulge their representatives, love freedom and detached fashion taste and charm.

Keywords are 12 years of rule 100
1930s: the deviation of the queen
During this period, remember, these skirts cut (cut the cloth on the bias) Vionnet Madeleine is the title of a good queen of prejudice. The deviation of a dress cut technology under very extravagant, because only by cotton enough to implement the new and additional go cloth rate is very large. This technology makes the clothes to get the best effect on the surface of the material, give people the feeling and movement. Wearing feeling. Design also created the body curve to embrace the glory. Only skilled workers in order to achieve the perfect technology to reduce deviation.

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