Not replace bed sheets every week, this extreme fisting is the horrible things that your body suffers

Most of us enjoy a bed was cover-new bed sheets in appearance, fragrant but scene change bed sheets every week, washing and drying, and ironing for straight thớm puts back down. But here again is the harm to your health. Dr Lisa Ackerley epidemiological experts at UNIVERSITY of Salford (uk) revealed that if you don't change and dry bed sheets every week, you have put Jav hd yourself at risk of exposure to the viruses, bacteria, fungi and even dangerous infections.

"Think about all the things in bed," Dr. Ackerley said. "The place you sleep each day, the dangers to health that can double the dining table in the Office, or even your home pet drive. Depending on the bed used to do and how you clean before, "" up, your bed is really very dirty minimum and can be harmful to your body ". And here's how the filthy bed has hurt your health, it will render you don't dare ignore the replacement bed sheets every week anymore, according to Mrs Ackerley.

We have all types of bacteria on the body and most of them are beneficial, but the bed is great for them, especially if you think of moisture that form when we sleep, saliva skin cells, and of course the other things on the bed, from the molecular to the food. One of these bacteria can spread on the bed sheets that beds are Staphylococcus aureus can cause diseases such as skin infections, wound infection, urinary tract infection, pneumonia, blood infections when penetrating into the body. These bacteria can grow up if it penetrates the body and grow, thrive on the bed if you are not replacing bed sheets regularly.

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If you have a cold or flu as we need to replace the regular bed sheets to protect the health of people sleeping together. Viruses spread much when sneeze into your hands, and then you hand back in contact with the bed. Or even is there trash to throw away paper wiping nose and placed next to the bed. That is the way the virus exists on your bed sheets.

Dust mite

Dust mite (Dermatophagoides) is extremely small creatures. They live in the Cook family supplies such as bedding, pillows, blankets, bed sheets, carpets, home ... It is estimated that 10% of the weight of the pillows and dust mite feces is 2 years. Though not cause disease but the feces and body of house dust mite allergy-causing agent is for humans. What kind of allergies including as asthma, rhinitis, itching, runny nose. According to the ENT doctor, this can cause sinusitis.

So all you need to do to protect the health of themselves and their loved ones?

-First, please clean the dust. In the dust, around, under the bed, mattress, bed sheets are clean. Dry pillows, drying them.
-Dry bed sheets in 60 degrees Celsius or more than temperature. Please remember that development of good bacteria in your body temperature so if dry in 30 or 40 degrees C will not be effective way to kill bacteria.


Bed sheets are changed every week to protect health for you and your loved ones (photo: getty images)

If you or the person who slept with infected foot fungus, they are very easy to spread and the cover on the bed. Even while being treated, you should also think about it left and how find how clean, including bed sheets, rugs, socks, slippers and House shoes are brought in.

Dry bed sheets at high temperatures to kill all fungi, if dry in low heat, you will cause them to spread to the other clothes. Also don't forget to dry all towels and bath mats.

A fungus may also spread on the bed sheets that genital Mycosis is caused by spores of fungi Candida albicans causes. Instead of the regular bed spreads and kills this warm kind.

Yeast infection

You can get yeast infections on the skin and can cause problems in skin folds-where there is moisture. The bed is the perfect place to sort this yeast grow and you need to dry the regular bed sheets at high temperatures.


Dry bed sheets at temperatures 60 degrees C or more to kill bacteria (photo: Internet)

-Rather, dry bed sheets once a week, or at least 2 weeks.

-Shower before bed, wash your hands, wash your feet clean before you go to bed.

-Bed clothes Change every 3 days.

-Limit for dogs cats share. If so, must give them lying on a blanket and change each week.

-If someone slept with the disease, replace dry immediately the current and the new sheets are sheets.

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